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Why Viable Solutions

We work hard to provide you the safest, highest quality, and most consistent kratom products on the market today.

Viable Solutions has been selling kratom since 2011. We were one of the first true online kratom retailers in the USA, and gained popularity through reddit.

We were one of the first kratom businesses to begin testing our kratom products and pushing for GMP practices within the industry. During the year 2017, the year the DEA attmpted to ban kratom, we rallied thousands of customers and redditors so sign petitions and matched their donations to the Amercian Kratom Assoication, becoming one of if not the top donor for the year and helping get the ban withdrawn.

Between the FDA, DEA, and merchant processing issues, we have remained rather low key the last few years. We are fortunate that we have established such a loyal customer base that our referrals give us more business than any paid advertising every has.

During this time we have worked diligently securing the best sources possible and updating our manufacturing facilites to GMP standards.

How many online kratom vendors do you think can say they have visited the farms and processing facilities in Indonesia where they get their kratom? We do, at least twice annually. Has your current vendor invested countless hours, money, and resources building a facility to safely manufacture  and package your kratom? Does your current vendor not only spend tens of thousands of dollars a month diligently testing each and every single LOT number, but also provide you access to those results at any time? Viable Solutions does all of that, and much more.

We do these things because we believe it is the right way to do business. Doing so guarantees you have the best and safest product possible while also helping to ensure kratom will be legal for years to come.

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Our Company

Viable Solutions was started in 2011 as a brand that was sold in physical stores only. Kratom was relatively new at the time and not many people were interested in it.

Still, we saw the potential this amazing plant had and continued to grow the business, expanding into the online arena several years later where we have been since. We will always strive to set the bar higher and bring you the best, most consistent, and safest kratom products available on the market.

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