White Maeng Da – Capsules



White Maeng Da Kratom powder gets its name from the whitish hue that the Kratom leaf veins develop during and after the drying process. It’s known for having a bit of a “kick” and is typically associated with energy among morning Kratom users. 


Our Viable Kratom White Maeng Da strain contains both White Vein (70%) and Green Vein (30%). Just like all of our other blends, we make sure each batch reaches 1% to 1.4% Mitragynine.


We do everything in our power to supply you with the cleanest, purest, most consistent Kratom products available on the market. And because transparency is one of our core values, every Viable Kratom product comes with a QR code you can scan to view the lab results. 


Each batch is tested to meet the American Herbal Product Association Testing Requirements for Botanical Products.


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