Hush Kratom Softgels 15ct



Not into the shots or raw kratom powder that the average user is drawn to? Sick of trying to mask the flavor with juices only to still have that lasting aftertaste on your tongue? Look no further—Hush has you covered. 


The Hush Kratom Softgel is a new product that’s revolutionizing the Kratom industry. 


With virtually no taste and a considerable reduction in contamination, (something that can happen with unreliable Kratom sources) the softgels still hold the same alkaloid content while managing to act faster with a more effective onset. 


The manufacturer recommends 3 to 4 capsules for a standard serving size as each capsule contains 15mg of Mitragynine.


Viable Kratom is proud to be an exclusive supplier of Hush products with the best prices available.


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